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Whether you are just starting up or looking for a unique location to improve, Nicaragua is an incredible place to learn to surf. Home to some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches, as well as secluded world-class waves, Nicaragua is a must-go for anyone passionate about the sport of surf. 

Pacific Surf School offers hands-on training with professionally certified instructors committed to providing a fun and safe surfing experience for all skill levels. With the ability to customize your surf experience with Pacific Surf, you can be sure you will receive the exact training required to ride your first waves or even elevate your surfing. 

Pacific Surf School is open for surfing lessons in Nicaragua all year long. Whether you are fitting in a surf experience around your next business trip or looking to plan your next vacation, you can schedule your lesson on your own time. Pacific Surf offers different options to meet the needs of each surf lesson. 

Our options include private surf lessons one on one instruction, semi-private surf lessons ranging from two to three individuals per instructor, and group surf lessons ranging from four to five individuals per instructor. All Pacific Surf instructors are experienced in surfing and are Water Safety Specialist and CPR certified.

Private Surf Lesson

(90 minute)

Enjoy a one-on-one surf lesson with a qualified surf coach. Our Surf School will have you riding the waves along any of Nicaragua’s sweetest surf spots: Playa Colorado, Rancho Santana, San Juan del Sur and Popoyo. With one-one-one dedication, you’ll receive that extra attention to detail you need to stay focused, build confidence, and reach your personal goals.

$75 per person

Semi-Private Surf Lesson

(90 minute)

Learn to surf or improve your surf skills at a faster pace next to your friend or family member. With our semi-private lessons led by certified surf instructors, you’ll reap the benefits of a private lesson while sharing the experience at a lower budget! Get ready to ride the waves at one of our favourite Nicaraguan beaches: Playa Colorado, Rancho Santana, San Juan del Sur and Popoyo.

$59 per person

Group Surf Lesson

(90 minute)

Group surf lessons consist of 4-5 students with a qualified surf instructor who will teach each student ocean safety and surf dynamics to ensure you can surf at your best. Together as a team, you’ll have fun with a beachside training, in-water lessons and a guarantee you’ll be standing up by the end of your first lesson! With Playa Colorado, Rancho Santana, San Juan del Sur and Popoyo beaches to choose from, come experience the Nicaragua wave with us!

$50 per person

What's included:

Surfboard, Wetsuit, Leash, SPF 50 UV Protectant, and Rashguard